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You may ask what this has to do with photography? It represents the same attitude towards food that I have towards my creative work with images. Don't limit yourself. "Take chances, get messy!" as Miss Frizzle of the Magic School Bus used to say (PBS program for children, funded by the NSF)

As a responsible citizen of earth I try to come up with ideas to eat lower on the food chain, less carbon foot print, and healthier. I have not totally succeeded, but I am trying. The Tea Cookies have no salt, saturated fat or animal products (Vegan). The Tofu Pies are as Vegan as the crust you use (yes, you can use the Tea Cookie recipes as a crust or use the coconut oil crust on the page)

Okay, the Adapted recipes fall short. Taste good, just not entirely healthy. Need to work on these more.

Chris Patton,